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Sampoerna University Students’ Brilliant Achievements in the 2023 Zakathon Baznas RI

Good news is coming from Sampoerna University’s Hackerman Team, who won first place in the 2023 Zakathon, which was held by the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas RI). The victorious team is made up of Adi Syamsuri, Fajar Aunur Rizki, and Muhammad Noor Abdi Ash Safari. They make us all proud with their outstanding innovation, a sophisticated application called BAZBOX.


What exactly is BAZBOX? BAZBOX is a ground-breaking application designed for receiving and distributing non-cash and cash zakat, infaq, and alms for muzaki and mustahik in all regional zones. This application is not only about efficiency in sharing rizq, but also to maintain the privacy of muzaki and mustahik. This application is a real solution for making it easier for us to share goodness with others.


The achievements of the Hackerman Team in the 2023 Zakathon national competition were also recognized by Nadratuzzaman Hosen, the Head of Baznas RI for Technology and Innovation. He stated that the purpose of this competition was to explore creative and innovative ideas from the younger generation in order to produce better zakat management in the future.


Deputy Chairman of Baznas RI, Mo Mahdum, highlighted three key aspects in the world of IT: human resources (HR), infrastructure, and applications. Zakathon 2023 is an excellent example of how these three aspects can collaborate to create extraordinary innovation.


Mo Mahdum also hopes that in the future, all Baznas human resources in Indonesia will have equal credentials and abilities in the field of information technology. Equitable infrastructure, as well as applications that can be linked to the same platform, namely the Baznas Information Management System (SIMBA), are also crucial. All of this will assist Baznas in managing zakat in a more effective and transparent manner.


Zakathon 2023 is a competition held in conjunction with the National IT Technical Working Meeting (Rakernis). This event was successfully held at the Pondok Gede Haji Dormitory, Jakarta, from 29-31 August 2023.


This competition involved many participants from various universities, including two leading teams from Sampoerna University: Team Zanira and Team Hackerman. The 2023 Zakathon winners were announced at the same time as the closing of the Baznas National IT Working Meeting, which was attended by 26 provincial Baznas, 136 regency Baznas, and 48 city Baznas.


The Hackerman Team’s victory is an extraordinary achievement, and all of us at Sampoerna University are very proud of their brilliant accomplishment. The spirit of innovation and contribution to the progress of Indonesian society is something that should be appreciated. Congratulations to the Hackerman Team on your incredible win! Hopefully, BAZBOX can bring great benefits to the entire community.


Keep innovating!