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Sampoerna University Team Won in Asian English Olympics 2019

Sampoerna University won at Asean English Competition 2019

Sampoerna English Club as the representative of Sampoerna University recently claimed the second prize in the Asian English Olympics 2019 in Jakarta. From February 11 to 15, 2019, the competition was held in Binus Anggrek and Binus Syahdan campus, while the closing ceremony was held in Mega Anggrek Hotel.

One of Sampoerna University delegates, Clauvico Chesario Florianus (English Language Education, Faculty of Education), managed to secure the first runner-up spot. He succeeded to beat 109 participants in the Speech Competition and was named the first runner-up. Aside from that, he had the honorable mention of “Best Humorous Speech”.

In addition to Clauvico, there were other eleven (11) students participating in the competition. They were Syauqi (FoB), Lael (FoB), Yansen (FoB), Gek Mas (FoB), Khinsa (FET), Devi (FET), Chika (FoB), Berlinda (FET), Yogi (FoE), Dilla Ayu (FET), and Regina (FoE). There were a number of competitions to participate, i.e. Speech, Newscasting, Scrabble, Storytelling, Debate Competition, and Debate Adjudicator.

Besides Sampoerna University team, the other 655 competitors came from various universities from eight different countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Macau).

“I felt very surprised since I did not expect that I would win in such a challenging competition. However, what I know is that I had spent a hefty amount of time writing and drafting numerous drafts of speech script, practiced by reciting it many times, and talked to myself in English a lot. Furthermore, we (speech competition contestants) were given coaching clinics by the judges there, so I improve my skills a lot from it,” Clauvico elaborated his experience as a winner in an international-scaled competition. (*/)