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Sampoerna University Took Center Stage At ISMM 2018

Mentallurgy and Advanced Material Technology
Mentallurgy and Advanced Material Technology

Sampoerna University representatives and LIPI researchers were pictured together after presenting their papers on stage at ISMM 2018.

Sampoerna University continues to contribute to research and science. Recently, we sent a delegation consisting of a lecturer and five (5) students of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) to the 2nd International Seminar on Metallurgy and Materials 2018. It is an event where scientists, academicians, researchers and industry players share information and their latest updates.

Dr. Gagus Ketut Sunnardianto, the Head of Applied Physics Study Program at Sampoerna University, was invited to be a speaker at the event. He specifically talked about hydrogenated graphene vacancy V111 for hydrogen storage application.

Meanwhile, the student representatives of Sampoerna University were from two of our study programs. Dwi Naufull Arif Susilo, Moh. Sulthony Yahya, Muhammad Ganta, Satria Robi Trisnanto are students of Applied Physics; Aldy Rizky Priambodo from the Mechanical Engineering study program. They participated in the conference as presenters.

On stage, they presented four papers before the global audience. In every paper, Dr. Gagus was actively involved as a research advisor. The titles of the four papers are “Effect of Single Vacancy and Double Vacancy on Hydrogenated Graphene for Hydrogen Storage Application” (Moh. Sulthony Yahya), “Effect of Boron Dopant on Hydrogenated Graphene for Hydrogen Storage Application” (Dwi Naufull Arif Susilo and Muhammad Ganta), “Effect of Nitrogen Dopant on Hydrogenated Graphene for Hydrogen Storage Application” (Muhammad Ganta and Dwi Naufull Arif Susilo), and “Superhydrophobic CuO Coating on Steel Prepared using Electrodeposition for Corrosion Prevention” (Satria Robi Trisnanto, Aldy Rizky Priambodo, and Iwan Setiawan).

“This is our very first experience for all of us to join and present our research findings at an international conference. And we do hope by doing this, we could be more motivated to contribute new knowledge in the material science field,” commented the students at the end of the conference.

Held on the 25th and 26th of September 2018 at Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2MM-LIPI), Graha Widya Bhakti, PUSPIPTEK, South Tangerang, the event was in conjunction with the Indonesian Biomaterials Society. The seminar had “Metallurgy and Advanced Materials Technology for Sustainable Development” as a grand theme. The seminar was prestigious as it invited 5 keynote speakers from Japan, Malaysia, Australia and India.

At Sampoerna University, we encourage students to gain experience by taking part in research and academic events so they can sharpen relevant skills in their field of study while developing strong communication and presentation skills. This way, they can complete their study as work-ready and world-ready individuals who stand out among other universities’ graduates in the country. (*/)