Student Government

Through the Student Government, students learn and practice leadership skills that serve them outside the classroom

Student Government


Sampoerna University students are active participants in campus policies and governance. Elected class and Faculty representatives comprise the offices of the Student Executive Board, as well as in each Faculty.


Proposals for University clubs, events, competitions and other student-led activities are presented and developed in committees, and presented to the University administration for approval and support.  In addition, students provide feedback on academic and administrative policies that impact student life through the Executive Board, and officers present recommendations to the University leadership for consideration. Through the Student Government, students learn and practice leadership skills that serve them outside the classroom, preparing them for active engagement in their professional and civic lives.

Student Organization and Clubs

Students are encouraged to join various organizations and clubs.  Organizations and clubs help students develop non-academic competencies such as leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, presentation skills, and other social competencies. Students can choose to join one or more of the following organizations and clubs.

Students Organization

  • Student Legislative Board Sampoerna University
  • Student Executive Board Sampoerna University
  • Student Executive Board Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Student Executive Board Faculty of Business
  • Student Executive Board Faculty of Education

Education Club

  • IMECHE (Institution of Mechanical Engineering Sampoerna University)
  • IEOM (Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Sampoerna University)
  • English Club
  • Sampoerna Young Investor Club
  • GDSC (Google Developer Students Club)
  • Business Club

Arts Club

  • SUMMER Club (Sampoerna University Music Management and Performance)
  • Sampoerna University Choir Club (Seraf Voce)
  • Japanese Club
  • STADIUM (Sampoerna Talent of Tripodium)
  • Sampoerna University Creative House

Religion Club

  • KMHD Yowana Hindu Dharma
  • LDK Syamil (Moeslem Family)
  • CACTUS Club (Christian and Catholic Students Club)

Sports Clubs

  • Basketball Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Archery Club
  • Futsal Club

Some prestigious events and activities that has been conducted by Students Organizations and Clubs

  • TEDxSampoernaUniversity
  • FETO (Festival of Engineering and Technology)
  • Sampoerna University Mengabdi
  • Kartini Dewantara and Festival
  • Sampoerna University Olympic
  • Bluprint Business Competition

And many other innovative and impactful events

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