What is Summer Bootcamp?

Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp is a one-week supercharging enrichment program aimed to equip students through culturally relevant teaching and learning experience on how to start young on technopreneurship – Indonesia’s most prominent socio-economic driver in the future.

Designed for High School students, our program is filled with interactive, fast-paced, and hands-on classes that enable students to develop the knowledge, confidence, and practical skills required to achieve future goals.

What’s on Summer Bootcamp 2022?

Summer Bootcamp Online Classes dives into the process of entrepreneurship from a technology-oriented background. From business fundamentals to financial and digital promotions, discover the world behind-the-scene of your dream career as you gain insight into your future.

Summer Bootcamp Product Competition challenges students with hands-on experience as early-stage entrepreneurs. Throughout the classes, you will create your own digital product and submit your creation within a week of the competition. Our panel of judges will assess and give points according to their expertise.

Awarding Day culminates the exciting week-long Summer Bootcamp. 5 best products chosen as winners of the Product Competition will be announced and receive their awards and winning prizes during the ceremony. Moreover, you’ll get to hear from distinguished guest speakers in our Camp Talk titled ‘GEN-Z INVASION: The Future for Young Indonesia’s Technopreneurs’.

Event Schedule & Topics

How to Register and Program Cost

Limited seats available, so klik the register button on your right and save your seat
early for the best rate!

Transfer Payment to:

PT Sekolah Tinggi Sampoerna International
BCA (Sentra Plaza)
Bank Acc: 441-30-33-244

Payment Confirmation:

Send the transfer receipt via WhatsApp to
0811 19147756

A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly afterward.


A job well done will get you the chance to win a total of 15 mio IDR, e-vouchers, exclusive merchandise and of course, last but not least, e-certificates!


  • How do I attend Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp 2022?

    Because the event is virtual, you will need a link to live stream the event on Zoom platform. The link will be sent to your email seven days before the event.

  • How do I sign up for Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp?

    You can sign up by clicking Register Now button on the landing page

  • Can I register on behalf of someone else?

    Yes, definitely! You can fill out the registration form and put the person’s details

  • Can I transfer my registration to a friend?

    Yes, you can. However, you need to make sure that you notify us and give us the person’s detail. We will contact him/her shortly to confirm the transfer and make sure it is a smooth process.

  • Can I register together with my friends group or is this available only for individual?

    Yes, please contact us directly at 0811 1914 7756 if you want to register as a group.

  • What is the eligible age to join the event and is there any maximum participant age?

    As long as you are still in high school, you can register to the event.

  • When will I receive the link to attend the Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp?

    The link will be sent by the organizer seven days before the event (D-7).

  • Can I access all the event sessions if I have registered myself?

    Of course! Register yourself and get full access to Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp 2022. All-or-nothing; that’s how we roll.

  • Which platform are you using to host the Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp?

    To deliver a seamless Bootcamp experience, we’ll be using the user-friendly Zoom app. To download Zoom, click here https://zoom.us/download

  • Can I log in with a smartphone and which devices are the platform compatible with?

    The best experience will be provided on a laptop or desktop on the Zoom app. You can use a mobile device; however, some displays may be limited because of the screen size. We encourage you to use a computer. However, if you opt to use a mobile device, ensure you are on a strong Wi-Fi connection, as mobile phone networks are likely not going to have the required internet speed to handle live video streaming.

  • What if I have technical issues on the day and can’t access the event?

    If you have any issues accessing the link or using the platform during the day, please email applications@sampoernauniversity.ac.id or contact us at 0811 1914 7756. There will also be a virtual help desk to make your experience as smooth as possible!

  • My link to Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp 2022 doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

    There’s one method that always works. First, make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser. If it’s outdated, update it. After that, try opening the link again.

  • If I still have issues with accessing the event, how can I ask for help?

    If you need any help, you can contact us at 0811 1914 7756. We’ll do our best to ensure you have the best experience with us.

  • Can I live stream the event on another platform?

    Sorry, but no. Sampoerna University Summer Bootcamp 2022 can only be streamed on Zoom platform.

  • Can I connect with other attendees?

    Definitely yes. It is a moment to broaden your network and be friends with others. Just keep in mind to be kind and polite with each other. Let’s make this bootcamp a safe and comfortable space for everyone!

  • If I leave the event, can I rejoin?

    Sure! Don’t worry about taking your time to do other things. Just make sure you don’t miss your selected sessions.

  • Will you record the classes, and will they be available after the event?

    Yes, the classes will be recorded, and you can continue your participation by clicking ‘continue’ when Zoom’s recording consent disclaimer pops up on your screen.

  • What is the competition about?

    The competition will be about creating your own digital product complete with all business and promotion plan.

  • What is the prize and how many winners?

    The prize will be total of 15mio for Best 5 Products. We have free merchandises and e-vouchers for games prizes, and all participants will get an e-Certificate.

  • When can we receive the prizes, e-certification, and e-vouchers?

    Up to 14 working days.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you have made a payment and want to cancel your registration, the payment will not be refunded. However, you can transfer your registration to someone else! Just inform us and give us the person’s detail. We will contact him/her shortly to confirm the transfer.

  • Can I apply for a refund?

    Unfortunately, no. So, make sure you allocate your schedule.

  • What if i need more assistance?

    If you need more assistance, please contact the organizer at 081119147756.

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