18 Nov 2019

Tatag Adi Sasono: “Study, Work Hard, and Make Your Best Efforts!”

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Tatag Adi Sasono’s life changed after he continued his education at Accounting Study Program of Sampoerna University. Now graduating with a Sarjana Akuntansi (S. Ak.) from Sampoerna University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University (OSU), Tatag has proven himself to be a challenger.

Standing Out

Tatag admitted that he got many job offers even before his graduation, which is scheduled to be on September 19th, 2019. “Instead of applying for jobs, now I get contacted by potential employers.”

To be a successful, outstanding graduate, he is aware of the ongoing shift occurring in the field, i.e. Accounting. People seem to be moving away from “Big Four”, he said. Tatag is more interested in learning Accounting and acquiring the logic.

Tatag shared his two most effective tips to be an extraordinary graduate that will stand out in the global job market: “Be diligent and join as many competitions abroad as you can!”

Juggling between Work and Study

Tatag is no stranger to hard work. “While studying, I already started to work also,” said the best graduate of Faculty of Business this year.

Now, he is thankful for the experience he had with EduTech. In his junior year, he already worked as a project manager of the vendor’s effort in creating content for K-12 students and the infrastructures.


The project pushed him to learn outside his comfort zone. “As an Accounting student, I had to learn more about education and technology. I had to manage 400 people under the project. They were teachers and principals and IT workers.”

From his project, he learned a lot. “I learn self-confidence, even when I was deemed underqualified by many as a young university student. I had to be skillful at building my arguments because the employer I was reporting to was challenging me at times at meetings.”


As a millennial risk-taker, Tatag loves challenges and dynamic work cultures. “And Sampoerna University prepares me to achieve my best potential.”

Tatag credited the Sampoerna DNA with the most valuable soft skills for him. “Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibility are things that I found most useful as a graduate,” he said.

When it comes to hard skills, Tatag sees Accounting, Audit, Human Studies, and Business Management as his favorite subjects to learn.

Tatag has one piece of advice for his juniors: “Get ready to study, work hard, and make your best efforts in life. Once you’ve done this, you’re going to succeed. Even more than I do.” (*/)

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