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Promising Future of Data Science for Indonesian Engineers

As the world is now shifting towards Industry 4.0, Japan sees more and more new data-science-based ventures have been emerging. And before it is too late, it is now the right time for Indonesian engineering students to begin studying about the future opportunities of Data Science.

“While in the era of Industry 1.0, our civilization was powered by coal, the Industry 2.0 it was electric, the Industry 3.0 it was automation. And now, in the Industry 4.0, it is all about Big Data. Anyone who masters data will be at the frontmost in the future,” explained Mr. Yudhi Amrata, B.Eng, M.Eng who was invited recently as the guest lecturer at Senior Colloquium of Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Sampoerna University. His topic was “New Tech in Japan Industry (Data Science)”.

Throughout the lecture, Mr. Amrata generously shared much information on what data science exactly is and why future engineers must pay more attention to the big data trend. “A recent survey revealed that Production and Research and Development (R&D) departments are increasingly dependent on big data of consumers, competitors, and so on to stay ahead of the curve. Imagine, you’re an engineer in the 21st century but still working and making key decisions without big data. It is as if you were still stuck, living in the past!” he warned.

In order to be able to exploit these huge opportunities in big data, one does not necessarily have to be data science majors, Amrata added. “Mechanical Engineering students can also plunge into this promising industry,” said the alumnus of Yokohama National University, Physical and Information Engineering.

Data may look unimportant at the first glance but once we find a way to interpret the data into something useful for society, it will be a great start to trigger more betterment and progress in our civilization.

“And what will happen if we don’t start learning how to make use of all this data? Not only will we be left behind but we’ll also be controlled by the data!” Amrata reasoned. As well know, social media companies have gathered and analyzed our personal data to eventually take control of our behaviors, thoughts, emotions, etc. “If we stay being only users, we are easily controlled by those behind all this technology advancement.”

Interestingly, he was also involved in designing the flood early warning system in Jakarta. He gathered data of the past floods and invented a system to give alerts to Jakartans in rainy seasons.

Mr. Amrata is a member of the New Business Team at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC based in Tokyo office. He has specialized in ICT Infrastructure, Operating Process, and Business Development. He has a convincing track record in the industry. His experience spans for over 15 years, having been involved in more than 50 projects worldwide, mostly ones focusing on digital businesses. His projects were mainly focus on ICT, Manufacturing and Public Sector industry.

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