Why Sampoerna University?

More than just a campus, Sampoerna University is an academic community that is committed to the creation of new knowledge and the nurturing of Indonesia’s young minds.

U.S. higher education is the best in the world.
Now it is more affordable!

U.S. universities have the world’s biggest endowment fund (totalling US$616 billion). This is five times as much as Indonesia’s foreign reserve. It is no wonder that a U.S. education is considered the best in the world. With Sampoerna University, you can now get a top U.S. degree at an affordable cost.

Earn your University of Arizona degree entirely here in Indonesia

The best part of our program is that you can earn your degree from the University of Arizona at Sampoerna University without ever leaving Indonesia.

Significant cost saving up to 75%

With Sampoerna University, you can save up to 75% of your international education expenses.

Get your bachelor's degree from any university in the U.S.

With our transferable credits and seamless transfer, you can go to any U.S. university of your choice.

9 out of 10 of our alumni get employed within 3 months

Thanks to the international curriculum and relevant soft skills taught at Sampoerna University, our alumni are hired not only by national but also by international organizations.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our campus houses world-class facilities designed in collaboration with our U.S. partners. Our engineering and design labs are among the best in the country.