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Understanding Entrepreneurship, Its Benefits and Examples

By July 21, 2022August 28th, 2022Articles, Articles - FOB

In the era of creative and innovative activities in business, the term entrepreneurship is sticking out among business people. Its meaning is closely related to creativity and innovation. However, this term can not be separated from entrepreneurial activities or businesses that are being run by someone.

Entrepreneurship refers to a process or activity, in contrast to entrepreneur which refers to an actor or person who does it. Entrepreneurs are people who carry out the entrepreneurial process, but many people often refer to someone who does entrepreneurship as an innovator, considering that it requires innovation and ability.

Understanding Entrepreneurship

Etymologically comes from the French, namely entreprende, which means to try, developed in the 18th century. Introduced by an economist named Richard Cantillon, defined as an effort to pursue opportunities regardless of the resources they have, it is often associated with the term entrepreneurship.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, entrepreneurship is called a business, while an entrepreneur is a person who is smart or talented in recognizing new products, determine new production methods, arrange operations to procure new products, market them and then manage operating capital.

Entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of a country, they are required to have the qualities to be a leader and understand how to lead a team or company to unite and get maximum profit. Here are some definitions of entrepreneurship by experts.

  • Peter Drucker

Entrepreneurship is the ability to create new things and have its own characteristics, so as to produce something different from the others.

  • Zimmerer

Entrepreneurship is a process or activity that requires creativity and innovation to find opportunities in business life.

  • Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto

Efforts made by someone based on creative and innovative treatment to produce a work and have a selling value, with the aim of benefiting others.

  • Siswanto Sudomo

The meaning of entrepreneurship is everything related to an entrepreneur who has the attitude of being willing to work hard and sacrifice, dare to do it with power and effort.

Entrepreneurship Terms


Along with the times in the world of business and entrepreneurship in the community, it turns out that there is confusion about the meaning of entrepreneurship itself. Then intrapreneurship and entrepreneurial and entrepreneur. The following is a brief explanation of some of these terms.


It is an entrepreneurial spirit that is built to bridge knowledge with market capabilities, including the formation of new companies, activities and managerial skills and an entrepreneur is needed.


It is defined as an entrepreneur who occurs in an organization which bridges the gap between knowledge and market desires.


The difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is very clear when one looks at the meaning, entrepreneurship as someone who brings resources such as labor, materials and other assets in a combination that adds greater value than before. And attached to people who bring change, innovation and new rules.


In short, the notion of entrepreneurial is an activity carried out in running a business.

The success of an entrepreneur depends on one’s own ability to manage, where an entrepreneur can succeed if the person has a strong will and strong determination. Then have sufficient capital and really understand the target market, in addition to the availability of good service to customers to have an extensive network.

Failure, depends on the ability of an entrepreneur, occurs when not competent in managerial. Lack of experience, lack of financial control, failure to plan, and most importantly, a lack of seriousness in running a business.

Entrepreneurship Benefits

The changing times have had an impact on entrepreneurship, ranging from social entrepreneurship to digital entrepreneurship. However, this does not change the benefits provided and is actually increasing, here are some of the benefits that can be obtained from entrepreneurship for both individuals and the wider community.

  • Opportunity and Freedom to Determine Your Own Destiny

Having your own business is the first benefit of entrepreneurship, being a boss as well as a leader who directs where the business will take you and the opportunity to achieve life goals.

  • Making Changes

Along with providing opportunities in achieving life goals, entrepreneurship is also capable of generating change. These changes can be various, such as providing simple, healthy and suitable housing or changes in the waste recycling business to conserve nature.

  • Opportunity to Reach Your Potential

Working in a company is boring, it can even be less challenging and has no new appeal. In contrast to starting your own business, running a business is a self-actualization tool. The success obtained is certainly the result that is determined by creativity, innovation and enthusiasm for the vision that is carried out.

  • Get Optimal Profit

Profits can be obtained from doing entrepreneurship, besides being an important source of motivation for an actor in starting his own business. Profits are the main goal of running an entrepreneur.

Thus a brief explanation of the meaning of entrepreneurship, terms and benefits contained therein. At Sampoerna University, there is a department that can support students in developing their entrepreneurial talents.

Academic programs within the Faculty of Business are designed to meet the nation’s talent shortage in this sector and ensure that all of our students are able to compete for jobs at home and abroad. According to the Boston Consulting Group, many Indonesian companies at all levels are experiencing a shortage of trained managers. In 2017, all graduates of the Faculty of Business immediately accepted job offers and started working within 2 months of graduation.

Let’s learn more about Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Business here.