14 Jan 2020

Understanding Organizational Behavior Management

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At Sampoerna University organizational behavior management, we realize that the future is getting more complex. Hard skill mastery is no longer enough to solve future problems. Students need to equip themselves with soft skills.

Yet, these soft skills are usually not available in textbooks. They are less theoretical but more practical and empirical by nature. Therefore, the university regularly invites seasoned practitioners in various fields, disciplines, and industries to share their knowledge and experience with students.

On November 27th, 2019, before the students of Sampoerna University at “Organizational Behavior Management” guest lecture, marketing head of Sampoerna Schools System Bobby Benarto Suadi shared his knowledge and expertise in organizational behavior management.

Despite his stellar career, he told students that he had flunked at fourth grade. However, that does not prevent from achieving his success. Now Bobby has amassed 21 years of brand consumer marketing experience.

“My secret formula is to talk and to have interpersonal skills,” he stated.

He leveraged his passion using powerful interpersonal communications. “This includes social interaction, presentation, written communications, verbal interpersonal and intrapersonal communication,” Bobby revealed.

Brand Positioning to him is like personal one as both share a similar brand funnel. He also explains in great length about Brand Funnels, which includes 5 phases: Awareness, Consideration, Trial, Regular, and Advocacy.

“Positioning is all about perception, attitude, and behaviors,” he said. And this is achieved by understanding and influencing.

At each level of profession, he got various lessons from interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership, organizational behaviors, and perception, change management, diversity, conflict of interest, and motivation.

But above all, Bobby advises that we also dare to be different in terms of personal branding. We must be professional, have a strong sense of leadership, and humility. (*/)

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