07 Jul 2022

Understanding Pancasila Values and Its Examples


If Pancasila is only in the form of basic values that exist in the five precepts, then the understanding of the Indonesian people towards it will be very ambiguous. This is what makes instrumental values needed, instrumental values are understanding materials that become explanations or guides for people to carry out what has been mandated by Pancasila.

The basic value of Pancasila is the essence, meaning, or essence that is already contained in Pancasila itself. The basic values are only general because only something that is considered as an evident truth has been agreed upon by everyone within the scope of that understanding.

Practical Values, Instrumental Values ​​and Basic Values ​​of Pancasila

As the basis of Indonesia as a nation, Pancasila has the power to regulate the administration of the state apparatus under the preamble to the 1945 Constitution. In addition, it functions as an ideology with important values in it, these values which must be practiced by the Indonesian people in the life of the country even though these values have different levels, separately.

Pancasila is an ideology that represents the Indonesian nation and is the basis of state administration. As a basic ideology, it is included in an open ideology so that the Indonesian people always apply the values contained in Pancasila as the times develop.

Pancasila consists of five principles, each of which is symbolized by a certain symbol with a special meaning. In essence, these are the basic principles that are used as a guide for the nation and state and have certain values. Here are the five Pancasila principles mentioned.

  • Belief in the one and only God.
  • Just and civilized humanity.
  • Unity of Indonesia.
  • Democracy, led by the wisdom of the representatives of the people
  • Social justice for all Indonesian people

Understanding Basic Values ​​and Instrumental Values

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  • Basic Value

It is a value that does not change from time to time or is fixed, this value is contained in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution. Then it is divided into several, such as instrumental values ​​and practical values.

  • Instrumental Value

The instrumental value of Pancasila is a value that can be measured and can be changed, it is the elaboration of the basic values in the form of the 1945 Constitution and the Order of State Laws according to Law No. 10 of 2004 to be a brief definition of what instrumental value is.

If the basic values are the essence of what has been mandated by the value system, then the instrumental values are the parameters, guidelines, and corridors that enable the Indonesian people to realize these basic values. When an instrumental value is associated with human behavior, it will produce moral values or norms.

However, if the instrumental value is associated with the running of the state, then what is produced is a law, an outline of the state’s direction to other strategies that are based on the basic values of Pancasila. Examples of instrumental values are instruments that describe the parameters and ways to achieve what is mandated by Pancasila.

  • Practical Value

It is a further elaboration of the basic values and instrumental values of Pancasila carried out in people’s daily lives. However, because of the elaboration of basic values and instrumental values, the nature of practical values in their form should not deviate. Like the application of the 3rd principle of Pancasila, the community must uphold the unity and integrity of Indonesia.

The practical value of Pancasila can always change along with the times and the development of the instrumental values on which it is based. However, this change will never affect the fact that practical values are a manifestation of the attitude of the basic values contained in Pancasila.

Examples of Instrumental Values

  • Basic Value

Examples of the basic values of Pancasila are the core of each of the five precepts in Pancasila. Among them, such as Divinity, Humanity, Unity, Deliberation, and Justice, it is hoped that these five precepts can be used as norms and bases of law for the Indonesian nation and state.

  • Instrumental Value

Human rights and obligations in the instrumental value of Pancasila are stated in the 1945 Constitution Articles 28A to 28J. Regulate personal rights, cultural rights, judicial rights, economic rights, civil, and political rights and legal rights. Constitutional provisions are a manifestation of what is meant by the instrumental values of Pancasila.

  • Practical Value

Having to respect all religions even though they are different from beliefs, according to the sound of the first precepts is an example of practical value. Other examples such as treating people fairly without favoritism, cheating, or even harm, in accordance with the second precepts of Pancasila and many more examples.

That was a brief about Practical Values, Instrumental Values, ​​and Basic Values ​​of Pancasila along with their understanding and examples. There are many things and ways that can be done to implement the values ​​mentioned above. One of them is studying science and technology as a human right.

By studying science and technology, human civilization can always develop and be ready to face the challenges that will be faced in the future. Want to learn more about science and technology, join Sampoerna University, a school with an international standard curriculum. For further information, please contact us here.



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