29 Oct 2021

Becoming Professional Engineer in Global Environment

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Fauzan Adziman, Ph.D. started pursuing his dream career in 2016. With three other Oxford University graduates, they eventually established Alloyed Ltd. or Ox Met Technologies, Ltd. in 2017, which engages in 3D printing technology and Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Adziman now serves as Engineer, Co-founder, and Board of Director in the company. Besides these roles, he also currently serves as Vice Director of Next-Generation Tatara Centre (NEXTA) at Oxford University, an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and a member of Indonesia’s Green Energy team. “As an Engineer, we can contribute in many sectors and industries,” stated Mr. Adziman.

Engineering Technology has been growing exponentially nowadays, especially, in the area of drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printings, sensors, ICT and mobile technology, new energy and sustainability, neurotech, and biotech. Consequently, the demand for engineers is higher than ever. They play a vital role in helping tackle and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges that require science, engineering, technology, and research skills.

“Engineers’ ideas are highly valued and become critical for the high-paced change of technology. Next is creativity as the powerful support combined with expertise and passion for continuously creating innovation. It is important to link what we do and what the market or users need. We need to understand how things work and how they may help people. Anything lies ahead or any industries we choose for our future career should be beneficial, both for the betterment of ourselves and the world,” said Mr. Adziman.

Mr. Adziman was invited as a guest lecturer on the virtual Senior Colloquium at Sampoerna University Faculty of Engineering and Technology a while ago. He shared his perspective on being a professional engineer in a current competitive global environment. He emphasized that the hybrid skills as ‘Engineer+’, which combine technical and commercial competencies are essential to be considered. As future engineers, we need to adapt to changes quickly and be able to speak code. Moreover, in this increasing innovation cycles speed, creativity will become the “new gold”. Improvements to the past research are continuously needed and even more advantageous when it comes out with something out of the box. The last thing that is as important is to think globally and act locally.

Another point brought up by Mr. Adziman is an Engineer can also be linked with entrepreneurship, which is actually what he is doing now. Enterprises are also needed as innovation cycles run faster. Here’s a business loop that can be followed: unique insight – entrepreneurial invention – unique activity set – competitive advantage – accrue value – strategic investment – distinctive competency – back to the unique activity set and then repeat.  Next, there are two additional questions to start a venture, which are “ How much societal (customer) value is created?” and “Can the venture scale?”. At the end of his lecture, Mr. Adziman took the time to give assignments to SU FET students to develop their own idea of product engineering by following the business loop.

The notable career that Mr. Adziman had achieved is the result of his hard work since high school, shown in the building blocks he has made. Evidently, his one-year international exchange program in Japan during his high school year inspired him to go back to Japan and get his Master’s degree at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, right after he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Institute Teknologi Bandung. He then continued his study for a doctoral degree at Oxford University in the UK, where he then decided to start his career. Mr. Adziman also suggested students make their own building blocks to understand the value within them and to know what they are good at, hoping it will be beneficial for their career in the future.

Lastly, as a mechanical engineer who does not have much exposure to digital technologies, he suggested students learn digital technologies which are really beneficial, considering everything is fundamentally digitalized and flexible these days. Mr. Adziman finished his lecture with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”, something he continuously lives by.

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