01 Jul 2022

Starting a Career in Mechanical Engineering After Graduating


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Mechanical engineering is a field with growing career options and tremendous earning potential. The path to a career in mechanical engineering begins with high school education. The mechanical engineer program introduces students to the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to succeed in the field.

During equivalent education such as undergraduate, internship, and cooperative education, students can broaden their skills and gain hands-on experience in the field. Practical and laboratory experience is very important and supportive in the Mechanical Engineering program.

Although the individual qualifications of some mechanical engineering job prospects include undergraduate education (S1), it is undeniable that many professionals often seek additional education and special training outside of the general education taken.

The first thing to do after becoming a Mechanical Engineer

The full learning in a bachelor’s degree program (S1) in mechanical engineering can be passed within four years and complete about 120 credits (credits).

In addition to general education requirements, special skills courses or courses in mechanical engineering covering manufacturing systems, dynamics and vibration, and solid-state mechanics are an added value for fresh graduates.

Usually, students who are studying mechanical engineering often choose to work or concentrate in fields such as design and manufacturing, robotics and mechatronics, or energy and the environment. The steps above make an engineer have sufficient skills to achieve the desired career path.

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A Career in Mechanical Engineering

Some people are dreaming about having a career in mechanical engineering. This is evidenced by its ‘strong annual salaries’. Then, in order for an engineer’s career to be properly upgraded according to the times, additional education is needed that can provide a direct path to a more competitive resume.

Apart from increasing knowledge in the field of education, one way is to take advantage of networking opportunities and actively participate in professional organizations which often open the door to a better career. Getting a Mechanical Technician license and certificate is also an asset in increasing the career path in mechanical engineering.

In the United States, for example, a mechanical engineer who offers direct services to the general public may need to have a state license according to the area in which they work. While mechanical engineers working in the private and manufacturing sectors are not required to become licensed professional engineers (PE), PE licenses can increase their credentials.

What Skills Does a Mechanical Engineer Require?

The following is a list of 5 skills that are important to be mastered by a Mechanical Engineer in the style of Sampoerna University:

  1. Mechanical Skills

Mechanical skills refer to the ability to design and build physical tools, machines, and other devices. An engineer working in the aeronautical industry, for example, must be able to build and repair jet engines. A nuclear engineer may need to maintain and improve safety and emergency response systems.

  1. Computer Skills

Mechanical Engineering graduates use computers in many aspects of their work. For example, an engineer may use specialized software to run simulations, design machines, and generate component specifications.

While students typically develop computer competencies throughout their curriculum, many choose to take elective classes in areas such as electronic circuits, software engineering, and database management.

  1. Math

Mathematics is the ‘heart’ of a mechanical engineer. To develop the skills needed to design, analyze, and problem-solve complex mechanical systems, engineering students typically have to complete substantial courses in calculus, trigonometry, physics, and statistics. They also hone advanced math skills through project-based learning.

  1. Communication

Mechanical Engineering graduates must know how to communicate effectively with diverse people around them. To inform design efforts, a mechanical engineer often needs to speak directly to clients or externals to understand their needs. They can also collaborate with architects, computer scientists, and other experts to face certain challenges.

  1. Problem-Solving

In preparation for work, solutions to challenges are also developed. Engineering students learn about mathematical models to analyze problems and the frameworks used to evaluate design choices. They also study forensic mechanical engineering drawing, which is the process of identifying the causes of design and implementation failures.

Sampoerna University is a fully accredited Indonesian university that offers the best choice for those seeking an excellent international education. This is possible because Sampoerna University is the only American-style university in Indonesia that is in line with American standards for curriculum, faculty, facilities, and operations.

In collaboration with the University of Arizona, we offer a Dual Degree Program that allows you to study for 4 years in Jakarta under the US curriculum and graduate with 2 degrees: an accredited US bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and an accredited Bachelor (Strata 1) degree from Sampoerna University.

For more information about mechanical engineering and various other majors, please contact us or make a visit to the nearest Sampoerna University campus in your city. We are happy to be able to help achieve the dreams of Indonesia’s young generation.


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