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Understanding Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and How to Run it

By July 19, 2022August 26th, 2022Articles
focus group discussion

The term Focus Group Discussion is this method is widely used as a way of collecting social research data, has advantages in collecting qualitative data. This method is very popular in providing convenience and opportunities for researchers to establish openness, trust, and understand perceptions.

Focus group discussion is better known by its abbreviation FGD, a qualitative research method that is the most well-known apart from the interview method. FGD is used to discuss a particular problem, but in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Usually in this discussion the participants reach 8-12 people and use a moderator.

Definition of Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

What is focus group discussion? It is a semi-structured interview with a predetermined topic and led by an expert moderator. This type of discussion is included in qualitative research in the social sciences, in accordance with previous agreements or with the product to be developed.

The discussion begins with a question asked by the moderator, which is then responded to and discussed among the participants. The moderator has an important role because it functions to generate useful discussions and maximum opinions within a certain period of time. The discussion also took place in a relaxed manner, so that each participant would not feel pressured to express their opinion.

Determination of candidates is based on various types of considerations and what is currently being done, if the goal is to conduct market research, the company will look for candidates who fit the target demographic. Demographics is an analysis of the characteristics of individual groups, generally determined by age, race and gender.

Purpose of Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

The general goal of FGD is to equalize every perception or an issue or topic or interest in the world of work. Which in the end will give birth to new agreements and understandings related to the issues being discussed. Meanwhile, in the case of employee interviews, the aim is to determine the level of creativity and thinking ability of the candidate.

The reason is because in the world of work there will be many problems that must be faced by candidates, in general it will make them stressed. With an example of a focus group discussion, it is hoped that each participant will be able to face problems in the world of work. So that the company can see an overview of the potential of the applicant.

Characteristics of Focus Group Discussion

focus group discussion

  • There is a Facilitator from the Company

The task of the facilitator in the FGD is to determine the way the discussion is being carried out, the facilitator has the right to encourage participants who are considered passive in the discussion to be more willing to express their opinions. The facilitator also has the right to stop participants who are considered too dominant.

  • Candidate Applicants Are Divided Into Several Groups

The more individuals in a group the better, the ideal number usually consists of 6-8 people in each group. But it can also consist of 12-15, depending on the topic to be discussed. If there are that many, then a strong moderator is needed to facilitate the discussion.

  • The Similarity of Participants in One Thing

Each employee candidate will later receive a piece of paper containing a case study that must be discussed. The topic of this case study has been determined in advance by the moderator so that the results will tend to be homogeneous or the same. And there are many more characteristics of FGDs.

Difference between FGD and Interview

  • Number of participants

FGD is a discussion with about 4 to 15 participants, meaning that in an FGD someone will meet another candidate who is a rival. In contrast to interviews in general, where only one candidate is assessed by one or more interviewers.

  • Questions

In a job interview, each prospective applicant will generally be asked about various simple and work-related things. While FGD, each prospective applicant will generally be given an issue or topic with general questions that are not related to the world of work, usually what is discussed is a topic that is currently developing.

  • The final result

In a job interview, HRD will be dealing with individual data from each candidate, not just a group process. Meanwhile, at the FGD, the moderator will provide material in the form of a topic so that it can be discussed together.

How to Run a Focus Group Discussion

  • Determining Objectives

FGD stands for Focus Group Discussion, is where in the process it takes several stages that must be passed. The first is to determine the goals or objectives of the FGD that you want to do, then make a series of questions that are relevant to the goals to be achieved and have been made.

  • Recruit Participants

Gathering candidates is the second step that must be done before starting the FGD, here the organizers can determine how the background of the people will be used. Whether the same or different, is determined in this stage.

  • Data Collection and Analysis

Starting from a random introduction, then given a case study that must be answered by the participants given a predetermined time duration. After that the company will determine through analysis by taking the results of the discussions that have been carried out.

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