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Learning How to Cope with Global Challenges from Japan

By March 4, 2019April 13th, 2022News & Event, News & Events Faculty of Education
Prof. Shinichiro Torikai of Rikkyo University, Tokyo

To learn more about various ways to adapt to the current dynamics in the domain of Teaching as a Second and Foreign Language (TESL and TEFL), Sampoerna University invited Prof. Shinichiro Torikai of Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan. On Friday (2/22/2019), the Japanese scholar presented his insights and experiences at a public session titled “Teaching English as Foreign/ Second Language: Coping with the Global Challenges” on Sampoerna University campus. Some of the faculty members and students of the Faculty of Education attended the session.

He shared his insights and knowledge in teaching English in Japan, one of the countries where English is not a mother tongue. Students are expected to gain some know-how to cope with challenges in teaching English in the current global context.

There are challenges that nowadays students of English Education in Japan are facing. The first is the fact that the educational system is now getting more globalized. It means there is more emphasis on communications than ever before. Therefore, it is not only reading but also includes five skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing and presentation skill. By fostering all of these skills altogether, students will have better opportunities in the global arena once they graduate.

In Indonesia, Prof. Shinichiro sees that English education is a success because these students are quite fluent, active and outgoing. “I think the future of this country in the field of English education is bright,” opined the academician who has been teaching for 23 years at Rikkyu University.

The Japanese scholar expressed his amazement upon visiting Sampoerna University, saying, ”I’m surprised to find it so modern and new, very different from my image of traditional universities. I really like this school.”

Prof. Shinichiro indicated his interest to forge some future partnership with Sampoerna University. Both universities can possibly exchange faculty members to share knowledge and experience. Students from Sampoerna University and Rikkyo University may also visit each other’s campus if the partnership is someday materialized.

Having taught English for more than 3 decades, he is currently teaching at College of Intercultural Communications at the 97-year-old private higher education. He has been teaching English for more than 30 years in his entire career. (*/)