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Sampoerna University’s Student Won “Diplomacy Award”

By November 14, 2018April 12th, 2022News & Event
Sampoerna University’s Student Won “Diplomacy Award”

Another good news from the Faculty of Education, Sampoerna University! Aisha Noor Fatimah who is a student of English Language Education was named the receiver of “Diplomacy Award’ at Model ASEAN Meeting 2018. Supported by ASEAN Foundation and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Indonesia, the competition was held by International Relations Study Program, Universitas Pertamina, in Jakarta from November 8th to 11th, 2018.

The other achievement to be proud of was that Sampoerna University delegation also came up as the third winner of “Best Strategic Paper Award”. All of this was made possible by the hard work of the Sampoerna University team members: Aisha Noor Fatimah, Anisa Cikal Ardelia, Clauvico Chesario Florianus, Qilby Akbar Natanegara, Qotrun Nada, Rahmawati, and Rifdatul Husna.

“We were made aware of the international issues such as the South China Sea from the intensive reading we did prior to the meeting. Furthermore, we also exercised our public speaking and our communication skills and made new network with fellow delegates  and even the committee themselves,” said Clauvico, one of the Sampoerna University team members.

The primary agenda of the event was to simulate the ASEAN meeting to discuss a certain issue, similar to the Model United Nation, according to Clauvico. “The nation that my team represented is the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos), and the theme of the meeting is ‘Strengthening ASEAN Cooperation in South China Sea’. To support the delegates with sufficient knowledge for the meeting, we also had an excursion to the Chinese Embassy, attended workshop by the ASEAN Foundation, and talk show with some experts in the South China Sea,” he shared the team’s experience during the competition.

All of the team members also had a chance to learn and practice their soft skills, which are getting more highly required in the 21st century. As they prepared for the competition, they carefully wrote three (3) position papers that contained their stances as the representative of Laos in three pillars, i.e. Politic-Security, Economy, and Socio-Cultural. They also had to prepare a strategic paper that synthesized the three position papers.

“Throughout the meeting, we discussed the issue of the South China Sea, and we trained our soft-skills in terms of diplomacy, persuasion, public speaking, teamwork, and communication,” he elaborated. (*/)