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Challenges and Innovations in the Logistics Courier Services

By April 12, 2019April 6th, 2022News & Event, News & Events Faculty of Business
Understanding Challenges and Innovations in the Logistics Courier Services

The logistics courier services industry in Indonesia has blossomed along with the thriving e-commerce industry. As technology develops, its landscape has also changed significantly. And this new knowledge and experience are not taught in any classes.

Recently students of Faculty of Business at Sampoerna University learned from Sales/Marketing Director of PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat (TIKI) Rocky Nagoya on the disruption and how the industry copes with existing challenges. The business executive presented his talk entitled “How TIKI Addresses the Disruption Challenge in the Logistics Courier Services Industry” at CEO Talk Program on Wednesday (4/10/2019).

Rocky generously shared some of tips on retaining market shares in the age of disruption. The first is rapid adaptability. The company has developed its own mobile application which enables consumers to send goods with better efficiency. “We no longer require consumers to write down the name and address of recipient. They can just open the app or the web,” Rocky stated.

This adaptability has “Operational Excellence” as its underlying principle. And this means they prioritize customers’ needs. “Now we increase our time accuracy of good delivery. We give customers more detailed information related to goods they send or expect to receive. And this really gives us a huge challenge,” he commented.

Being in a highly fierce and competitive courier industry, the company also has to calculate cost very carefully so that they can still make profits despite rising costs during these recent years. “The cost hike has reached around 200 percent until now! But it is our job to adjust the cost smoothly so customers won’t feel overwhelmed by the hikes.”

The courier service industry is considered a rough and tough one. In 1990s, TIKI was an all-male company. “No woman worked in our company. But now in 2019 there are more and more women working in it,” Rocky described the industry back then. Yet as time passed by, the industry is getting more attractive. Consequently, new courier service businesses emerged and this has added more dynamics to the industry. (*/)